Cost Segregation Case Study: Purchase and renovate a property, gain financial benefits

Building with parking lot

Download our cost segregation case study to see how a manufacturing company that purchased and renovated a property was able to benefit from conducting a cost segregation study. And if you haven’t already, check out our infographic and FAQs to see how cost segregation can increase your manufacturing and distribution company’s cash flow and reduce […]

Transform Your Company Culture by Developing Fearless Frontline Leaders

Give your frontline leaders the training they deserve. The single most important factor in employee engagement and satisfaction is the influence of the immediate supervisor. Although this fact is true across almost every industry, company leaders still have a difficult time effectively training frontline leaders. With these leaders supervising 80% of a company’s workforce, their […]

HR Directors: Are You Encouraging Your Frontline Leaders to Quit?

Frontline leaders support your workforce; are you supporting them? In a typical business, frontline managers make up 50-60% of the management team, and supervise 80% of the organization’s employees. Despite the prevalence of these leaders, many of them (especially first-time leaders) may not be receiving the support they need to stay in their jobs. Download […]

Sales Tax Rapid Refund Review for Manufacturers

States provide several sales & use tax exemptions to manufacturers. Unfortunately, many manufacturers miss these exemptions because the laws are complex and difficult to apply. Download this guide to learn how our Sales Tax Rapid Refund Review could identify valuable refund or tax savings opportunities. Are you a manufacturer? Don’t overpay sales & use tax. […]

Manufacturing Sales & Use Tax Success Stories

A sales & use tax refund review is a great way to identify potential tax savings and refund opportunities. Best of all, CSH offers a free preliminary assessment. Still not convinced? Download these success stories to see how our sales & use tax experts helped clients save and recover significant dollars. Are you a manufacturer? […]

14 Sales & Use Tax Risk Factors That Could Be Costing You

Manufacturers: Is Your Sales & Use Tax Process Risking Your Bottom Line? Download our checklist to find out. Sales & use tax compliance is complicated, especially for manufacturers. Our checklist covers 14 bad habits that indicate your sales & use tax processes could benefit from an expert review. Are you a manufacturer? Talk to a […]

5 Manufacturing Tax Exemptions You Need to Be Taking

Many manufacturers fail to take full advantage of the sales and use tax exemptions available to them. Stop making this costly mistake. Download our e-book to make sure you’re not missing out on these 5 valuable manufacturing exemptions. Are you a manufacturer? Don’t overpay sales & use tax.Talk to a consultant today to schedule a […]

State-by-State Economic & Market Facilitator Nexus Guide

Economic nexus is when you have an economic connection to a particular state, and each state determines what sales dollar or transaction number thresholds create an economic connection. Download our handy Economic Nexus Policy Guide to ensure you are collecting and remitting sales tax in those states where the thresholds have been reached. Are you […]

Power BI: Features and Benefits E-Book

Turn insights into action with data visualization. Microsoft Power BI equips financial leaders with cloud-based business analytics tools and stunning visuals. Download our guide to learn more about why you need the data visualization capabilities of Power BI.

7 Dashboards CFOs Can’t Live Without

Top CFOs are using these dashboards – are you? Organizations with access to real-time data are 5 times as likely to make decisions faster than peers. Data visualization helps financial leaders predict future business conditions, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. Download our eBook to discover the dashboards you should be using.

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