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Employee Plans

If there’s one topic that weighs on a business owner’s mind, it’s retirement plans — their own and their employees’. The right plan can help attract and retain key employees today, and provide security for you as you plan for tomorrow.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Execute Audits & Reduce Risk.

The more plans a firm audits, the fewer deficiencies that are found. Our numbers speak for themselves: We are one of the nation’s top 30 firms for auditing employee benefit plans – auditing approximately 400 plans a year and have 0 deficiencies. A poorly executed audit increases the risk of penalties, and we help our clients reduce that risk.

National Expertise

CSH is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a standing available to select firms who meet requirements specific to policies and procedures for the employee benefit plan audit practice, and internal inspection. Our team is led by Jim Haubrock, a nationally recognized specialist and former Chair of the Executive Committee of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center.

Year-Round Focus

Some firms view employee benefit plan projects as “filler” work. Our advisors perform benefit plan work as their primary specialty area and participate in annual employee benefit plan audit training. Our commitment to our clients is year-round.

Types of Audits

Plans Audited:

  • Defined contribution, including 401(k), 403(b), & ESOP plans
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Health & welfare plans
  • Limited & full scope
  • 11-K audits
  • Single & multi-employer

Multiemployer Plan Audits

CSH is a leading provider of audits for multiemployer (Taft-Hartley) benefit plans. Our employee benefit plan audit group experts serve the complex needs of multiemployer plans and assist trustees, plan administrators and other plan professionals in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. Because this is a dedicated focus of our group, our multiemployer clients are served by professionals who are current in industry developments, and can share valuable recommendations and best practices to improve plan operations and compliance.

Payroll Compliance Audits

Payroll compliance audit programs can help ensure the plan is receiving the proper contributions, and can protect trustees from personal liability by preventing inaccurate or incomplete reporting. Our audit findings also improve collections and reduce the likelihood of future noncompliance.

Diagram explaining our audit process

Benefit Plan Administration & Consulting

Serving Your Needs.

Our Qualified Plan Administration and Consulting Group is a third-party administrator of employee benefit plans. If you are considering a TPA, we can review your plan to determine if your goals are being met, as well as look for ways to save money for you and your plan participants.

Benefit Plan Administration & Consulting Services:


We design custom retirement plans geared to each client’s financial situation. We are unaffiliated with any investment advisor, custodian, record keeper or product line. While other providers may try to fit your needs into a box that is already created, we can work outside of the box to provide a personalized solution.


Our solution will include customizing not only your plan design, but also the forms and procedures necessary to meet your specialized needs. We will keep you and your staff abreast of fiduciary responsibilities, important deadlines, any changes in law, and trends in interpretation.


If desired, a dedicated Plan Administrator can handle the day-to-day administration of your retirement plan. We know there is stress associated with year-end planning, so we proactively support you with projected year-end allocations and bonus calculations prior to year-end.

Corrective Action

If your organization is facing – or wants to avoid – penalties for noncompliance, our advisors can help you navigate the examination and correction processes.

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