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Solutions for CEOs

You probably have a lot of high-level strategic goals on your list: maybe it’s aggressive growth, cutting costs or workforce capacity planning. Whatever your goals, we can help you get there with targeted solutions.

Solutions for CEOs

Value Multiplier

Increase the Value of my Business.

Every CEO wants to drive growth in their organization while enhancing profitability. Many leaders, however, get bogged down in the day-to-day distractions of running their company, never developing a formalized plan to achieve the desired results.

CSH’s Value Multiplier program is a proven methodology that assists owners in unlocking the untapped potential in their business. We use proven investment principles and techniques that have been applied for years in the private equity sector to identify and deploy strategies that drive profitability and business value.

Grow Aggressively

After carefully analyzing your business and identifying gaps between its current state and your corporate vision, our project managers work collaboratively with your team to devise and implement a phased plan for closing the gaps and achieving your goals. We prioritize challenges, recommend the most impactful sequence for tackling them and describe—in detail—how to overcome each hurdle or challenge.

We liberate your leaders to focus on growth by empowering frontline workers and middle management to run and improve the business for you. With more time to look to the future, and your Run Improve Grow (TM) Roadmap to keep you focused on steady, strategic progress — you can leave behind the firefighting and start moving into new markets, developing new products and increasing your market share.

Solutions for CEOs

Executive Search & Recruiting

Recruit Executive Level Talent.

We are passionate about helping great companies find equally great talent. We combine industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search process to find leaders who best fit your needs and can advance the growth and strategic direction of your company.

The region’s most successful companies rely on CSH to fill senior executive roles. We serve as a trusted advisor throughout the process and help find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Solutions for CEOs
Solutions for CEOs

Data & Business Optimization

Make Data-Driven Decisions.

If you are like many business leaders, ongoing business pressures can keep you from making the most of your data. Your daily focus is on urgent areas like operations, sales and improved results. But this is the very reason why leveraging your data is a must-have capability. Data-driven decisions optimize limited resources and allow you to make better decisions faster.

Clark Schaefer Hackett can help you take advantage of the valuable insights embedded within your data. We will help you leverage your data to empower your organization, accelerate innovation and achieve operational excellence.

Solutions for CEOs

Tax & Personal Wealth Planning

Achieve the Financial Means to Realize Your Dreams.

There are important financial decisions to be made at each stage in your life. But everyone has different needs and aspirations. Our wealth advisors have experience guiding clients through the financial scenarios facing you today and in the future. They offer customized wealth-planning solutions to help you meet your goals.

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