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Solutions for Operations Specialists

Are your operations running as efficiently as possible? Were you prepared to face the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic? Our Operations Experts are skilled at Lean concepts and principles and eliminating waste so operations teams can thrive. Learn about the variety of ways we can help you be prepared for whatever comes next.

Solutions for Operations Specialists

Education & Training

Train My Workforce.

Investing in your talent is the key to building a positive culture of proactive improvement.

Educational opportunities support the development needs of your key leaders and their teams — from the frontline to executive staff. The single most important thing you can do to impact employee engagement and satisfaction is invest in their success.

It is easy to talk about the importance of managing conflict well or setting and maintaining high standards, but moving out of abstraction and into practice can be a challenge. We believe there is a process for everything, and whether it’s technical or soft skills training, we can step in to help.

Several of the technical courses we offer include:

  • Lean Yellow Belt Certification Course (Lean Simulation)

Designed for employees at all levels of your organization, the Lean Yellow Belt Certification blends unique, interactive classroom sessions with hands-on, critical thinking exercises.

  • Lean Green Belt Certification Course

The Lean Green Belt Certification begins with three days of hands-on instruction followed by the opportunity to execute a Lean Improvement Project for the final certification. Additionally, our Project Managers provide 20 hours of individualized on-site support and guidance throughout the project.

Solutions for Operations Specialists

Operations Strategy

Increase Production Capacity.

We work directly with operations specialists just like you to identify the missing pieces, understand why and implement the right solutions to increase production capacity.

We’ll evaluate your capacity, downtime, machine utilization, waste, quality issues, safety measures and much more to help us design and implement a plan of action to fix the issues affecting production capacity.

Solutions for Operations Specialists

Microsoft Power BI

Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Business intelligence empowers organizations to be agile and competitive. But as businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the volume of data being generated. This creates a barrier for enterprises who seek to make data-driven decisions. In addition, data is often spread across disparate databases and web platforms, creating a biased reporting structure where key leaders are forced to make decisions based on partial data.

Microsoft Power BI helps small to midsize businesses tackle these challenges. Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business analytics tools that gives you a 360-degree view of your most important data. It’s flexible, easily accessible and, most importantly, costs a fraction of what other business intelligence solutions cost. With both free and pro versions available, you can try Power BI without the burden of a financial commitment.

Our Power BI experts help organizations:

  • Connect disparate data systems
  • Better leverage their data
  • Empower business users with advanced analytics
Solutions for Operations Specialists

Operations Strategy

Optimize My Supply Chain.

Our focus is to help organizations drive continuous, sustainable improvements.

Depending on your situation, we bring the perfect mix of hands-on training, improvement initiatives, processes & systems, tools & technology and/or strategic support to efficiently run your business and improve your supply chain. You may just need a quick push of expertise and firepower for critical initiatives. Or, you may need a transformation from the ground up.

Is your supply chain prepared to handle major disruptions?

In the future, finance, operations, procurement and supply chain leaders need to look beyond mere expense-minimization strategies and consider the financial cost of a potential disruption in their business. We can help develop contingency plans, assist with process improvements and much more.

Solutions for Operations Specialists

Custom Application Development

Automate Processes & Workflows.

Struggling to find a solution that works with your current systems? We develop custom software that overcomes the limitations of off-the-shelf systems and helps you run operations the way that works best for you.

Whether you need custom dashboards for easy access to manufacturing and productions reports and daily results, an integrated inventory management system or an enterprise mobility solution, our custom app developers will work with you to define your needs and develop customized applications that make work easy. Simplify your business with our custom solutions.

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