Jasmin Sandhu

Jasmin performs audits and creates financial statements for not-for-profit organizations and financial institutions. Partnering primarily with community banks and credit unions, Jasmin is adept at driving value for clients by working collaboratively, providing guidance and assisting with process improvements. She builds strong client relationships and streamlines processes to deliver the best possible product. Jasmin joined […]

Tonya Preston

Tonya’s enthusiasm and authentic personality challenges the common perception of the recruiter. By combining these traits with a keen understanding of how to cultivate lasting business relationships which benefit client, candidate, and Firm alike, she achieves great success in her role. With a background in industries as diverse as those of the clients we serve, […]

Robert J. Parton, QKA

Robert Parton is a plan administrator in the firm’s Qualified Plan Administration and Consulting Group. Bob works with clients from all industries on the administration of their tax qualified retirement plans and welfare benefit plans. Bob also specializes in the implementation and administration of non-qualified arrangements, including but not limited to deferred compensation plans, employer […]