Marriage & Tax Returns: The Benefits of Joint vs. Separate Filing

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you have to jointly file your annual federal income tax return. Although being married and filing jointly comes with some perks, there are also benefits for those who are married and choose to file separately. It all comes down to your unique situation. Read on to learn about your choices […]

Not-for-Profits and the De Minimis Indirect Cost Rate

By Kylie Thomas To start with the basics, a de minimis indirect cost rate is a simplified method used by government agencies and other entities to reimburse indirect costs incurred by recipients of federal funds, particularly in grant programs. Instead of calculating and allocating actual indirect costs, recipients may elect to use a predetermined fixed […]

Not-for-Profits and the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model

The current expected credit loss (CECL) model under Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-13 was established to simplify US GAAP and provide for more timely recognition of credit losses. Events such as the housing crisis of 2008 and COVID-19 have proven the need for this new model, as the previous model did not allow for a recognition of expected […]

Walking a Fine Line: Lobbying and Not-for-Profits

By Jenna Senn There’s a common misconception that not-for-profit organizations are strictly banned from lobbying for political, environmental, or other social issues. While these organizations aren’t banned from such activities, there are certain guidelines and boundaries that they must consider. Generally, not-for-profits may not qualify for tax exemption if a substantial part of their activities are […]

Top 3 Tips for Non-Profit Year End Donation

It’s no secret that year end is the optimal time for not-for-profits to dial up their campaign efforts. Many donors wait until late in the year to make tax-deductible gifts, and nothing makes you feel like giving more than the holidays. In fact, according to Double the Donation, 10% of all charitable giving occurs on the last three […]

3 Reasons to Consider Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits

regulatory accounting community banks

As the pace of change and innovation continues to accelerate, nonprofits are finding new and creative ways to keep up. Today’s leading nonprofits are perfecting the art of virtual fundraising and volunteering. They’re implementing fresh social media strategies. They’re creating innovative donor retention programs. And they’re driving their missions forward despite myriad ongoing global challenges. […]

Giving USA 2023 Briefing – East Lansing

Giving USA has long been the authority on charitable giving trends. CSH is proud to share the Giving USA 2023 briefing, featuring speaker, Melissa S. Brown. The report is a valuable nationwide resource with benchmarking information for trustees, philanthropists, financial advisors, giving officers, nonprofit leaders, executive directors and fundraising professionals.

Does our Nonprofit Need a Leadership Succession Plan?

Has your nonprofit anticipated a shake-up at the top? If not, it may need to consider the possibility. Perhaps your long-standing CEO will decide it’s time to retire. Or maybe your board will determine that your current leader is ineffectual. Or perhaps your organization will agree to merge with another nonprofit or undertake a restructuring […]

Is a CFO the Right Choice for Your Nonprofit?

As nonprofits grow, some may struggle with the financial side of running a business. Nonprofits generally begin with a vision or passion, and not with financial expertise. For some organizations, a chief financial officer may be a good choice to support the financial well-being and stability of your nonprofit.  What does the CFO role look […]

Giving USA Briefing – Cincinnati

CSH is proud to partner with the Yunker Group to sponsor the Giving USA 2023 briefing, featuring speaker, Melissa S. Brown. Melissa S. Brown returns to this Cincinnati program for the 20th consecutive year. As former editor of Giving USA and respected consulting researcher her annual commentary provides practical perspectives on the research conducted by […]

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