Understanding Section 199A

Please note CPE is only available for live events. CPE is not available for webinars on-demand. As the business world settles into 2019, we’re looking to see what the new year will bring in the way of tax reform – or more specifically – tax reform clarification and guidance. One key area of focus is […]

Year-end Tax Planning for Individuals

Please note: CPE is not available for webinars on demand. CPE is only available for live events. Major tax reform occurred with last year’s passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Now the question is, what does that mean for you and your personal taxes as the first tax season under the law […]

Year-end Tax Planning for Businesses

Please note: CPE is not available for webinars on demand. CPE is only available for live events. Whether your business operates on a calendar- or fiscal-year basis, your 2018 tax bill isn’t yet written in stone. It’s not too late to execute some strategies that reduce your business’s tax liabilities and improve its bottom line. […]

Social Media: An Internal Audit Reality

Please note: CPE is only available for live webinars, it is not available for webinars on-demand. Social media has become a part of our daily lives, and criminals have found it an attractive vehicle to perpetrate crimes.  Anonymity provided via social media allows a person to easily portray another user’s identity.  Cyber criminals exploit such […]

Cybersecurity Audit – Top 5 Findings

Please note CPE is not available for webinars on-demand. CPE is only available for live events. Presented by: Carly Devlin and Mark Stoudemire Due to highly publicized data breaches and increased cyber threats, there is an increasing focus on cybersecurity risk management and controls. Whether it’s an internal audit or 3rd party assessment, many organizations […]

Introduction to the NIST SP 800-171 Framework

Presented By: Richard Collins and Chris Heitkamp In an effort to improve data protection, regulators are increasingly requiring organizations to comply with IT Security best practices. From Department of Defense (DoD) contractors to colleges and universities, NIST SP 800-171 has been breaking out as the baseline standard for such initiatives. This presentation will provide an […]

Employees are ready to quit – Is your engagement strategy ready?

K2 and K3 Filing Requirements

Recent studies show that employees are quitting their jobs at an increasing rate. A number of factors contribute to this, but poor employee engagement is cited as a root cause. How engaged are your employees and what factors drive their expectations and performance inside the workplace? Uncovering the answers to these questions will help you […]

Key Risks Pertaining to an Audit Committee

Presented by: Jenna Skop and Seth Rensberger With regulatory, process, and technology changes occurring at a rapidly increasing rate, how does a company’s Audit Committee ensure they are focusing their attention on the key risks of their organization? The webinar will discuss how: The composition of the Audit Committee has needed to adapt to meet […]

SOC and the Cybersecurity Threat

Organizations are under increased pressure to demonstrate that they are managing cybersecurity threats, and that they have effective processes and controls in place to detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from breaches and other security events. With these threats in mind, the AICPA has developed a new System and Organization Controls (“SOC”) for Cybersecurity engagement. […]

General Data Privacy Regulation

In response to recent data breaches and personal information disclosures, the European Union has implemented the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) in an attempt to protect member states and their citizens’ privacy. While this regulation was intended to increase information security measures and transparency on data collection methods in the EU, many international companies have […]