How the Inflation Reduction Act Is Extending and Expanding Solar Energy Tax Incentives

Written by Zachary Dech Contact Zach Updates to the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) Among the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansions to existing tax credit opportunities are those that promote the adoption of solar energy systems. The IRA extends the provisions of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) so residential homeowners who install designated solar energy […]

How to end the headaches of SLFRF reporting

ARPA SLFRF Reporting Software

There are a lot of challenges surrounding the reporting of the State and Local Fiscal Relief Funds (SLFRF) received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The various entities who received funds from you likely have vastly different methods of tracking how the funds were used. They may not even know what information […]

AI for small to midsize businesses isn’t going away

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great inroads into certain sectors of the U.S. economy. However, it hasn’t reached many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) in a major way…yet. In 2021, AI analysis firm Unsupervised published a survey of 520 SMB owners that found 48% of them still found AI too cost prohibitive. Forty percent said […]

Prudent technology upgrades call for Insightful, Thoughtful Research

By now, most business owners view technology upgrades as inevitable. Whether hardware or software, the tech your company relies on to operate will need to change slightly or even drastically for you to stay competitive. Knowing that you need an upgrade is only the first step. Before spending the money, you need to dig deep […]

3 specialized IT leadership positions for growing businesses

For many businesses, technology has changed from something they use to something they do. When a company reaches a point where IT plays a central role in operations and productivity, ownership might want to create one or more leadership positions to specifically oversee tech-related matters and strategy. Often, this means a Chief Information Officer will […]

How automation is helping companies big and small

Automation is often thought of in terms of robotics and assembly lines. That’s certainly accurate, but anywhere a business is using humans for repetitive tasks such as data entry and information processing, there is an opportunity for automation. On the shop floor, automation can be used for sorting, counting, packaging and manufacturing tems. This is […]

Common-Sense Strategies for Reducing Lead Times

Have you lost business or new opportunities due to the lead times of your products and services?  In today’s “I want it now” world, it’s critical for B2C and B2B manufacturers to develop strategies for reducing lead time to stay competitive, reduce costs and increase cash flow.   Studies have shown that being first is key […]

The Evolving Role of the CFO

Man looking at data and analytics in a dashboard

It’s an exciting time to be a middle-market CFO, as the chief financial officer role is going through a major transformation. The CFO of the past was conservative and risk averse, spending most of their time crunching numbers and performing mundane (but important) tasks such as financial reporting, budgeting, cost control, cash flow management and […]

CFOs: 4 signs you need data visualizations

Today’s financial leaders have more responsibilities than ever. On top of managing cash flow, overseeing the accounting department and helping to drive growth, you’re also responsible for ensuring the quality of your organization’s financial data and translating that data into reporting that stakeholders can understand. A data visualization tool such as Microsoft Power BI helps […]

Want to be a Data-Driven CFO? See how Microsoft Power BI can help

ARPA SLFRF Reporting Software

There has never been a better time for insightful data analytics, especially for CFOs tasked with making strategic decisions that deliver results. Your team depends on you to guide cost savings and profitability while enabling business growth – and accurate, reliable and real-time data is critical to your success as CFO. Limited resources, data spread […]

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