The perfect exit strategy for business owners

At some point in time, every business owner will retire and either sell their ownership interest or leave the company to others. The key to a seamless transfer is to identify an exit strategy that addresses the needs of not only the departing owner, but also the business. Map the course A well-planned exit strategy […]

The excess earnings method: When is it appropriate?

Excess earnings valuation

The excess earnings valuation method was developed more than 90 years ago and, although controversial, it remains in wide use today, particularly in divorce cases. Generally, sophisticated valuation professionals view the method as unreliable and avoid using it. But it continues to be appropriate under certain circumstances. How it works The excess earnings method was […]

Preparing for a sale early could mean more than a high sale price

Business owners who intend to sell their company should operate with the goal of maximizing its value as early as possible in the business life cycle. By doing so, an owner can reap the benefits of the operational and cultural improvements, and have more control over how, when and to whom they sell their business. […]

Middle Market Merger and Acquisition Update and Outlook

Middle market merger and acquisition (M&A) activity continued strongly in 2017, with valuation multiples surging to ever higher levels. As valuations continue their rise, sellers are seemingly in the driver’s seat led by several factors, including: Optimism that the economy is strong and the current administration is business friendly The continuation of low interest rates […]

Ready to sell your business? Take these steps for a successful transition.

As the baby boomer generation ages and the Gen Xers and millennials come of age and go off to do their own thing, many businesses owned by boomers are left without a natural successor. Many of these business owners are finding that their children and grandchildren simply do not want to take over the family […]

Transitioning Your Business

Please note that CPE is not available for webinars on-demand. CPE is available for live events only. Transitioning from your business to retirement, or to another project, is a normal part of the lifecycle of an entrepreneur. That’s why you need to know your options when it comes to cashing in on all your hard […]

Three tips to prepare your practice for business valuation

The ongoing proliferation of retail healthcare (urgent care centers, in-pharmacy care centers, etc.) and the competition it brings to the marketplace means that healthcare practice owners will want to ensure the best value in a rapidly changing industry. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell or transfer your practice, there are some things […]

Don’t make a business transfer without understanding buy-sell agreements

Building a healthcare practice can be a lifelong commitment. But events such as divorce, the addition or departure of a new business partner, or the need to sell your practice and embark on a new venture can curtail that relationship. Whether a transition is formally planned or not, there are many good reasons to consider […]

It’s more than price: Business valuations for healthcare practices

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a healthcare practice, price is just one of the factors to consider. It’s important to understand the key issues on valuations in the healthcare arena, including physician buy-in arrangements, mergers and acquisition, and goodwill and intangible assets. CSH’s Kent Pummel covers: •    The different types of buy-sell arrangements […]