Supply chain software can help digitize the dilemma

Talent development supply chain

Supply chain disruptions and challenges have been in the headlines for a while now and many companies are reimagining their supply chain. As a result, companies are looking at: Nearshoring and/or onshoring Overall business processes Talent retention and skills training (where the gaps are) Leveraging and more effectively using their current business solutions software New […]

Hiring and retention struggles, and their link to onboarding

Employers are working through a time billed as the Great Resignation. According to a July Gallup analysis, 48 percent of America’s working population is actively job searching, and in May alone, 3.6 million Americans resigned from their positions. “There’s not a client I can think of that hasn’t spoken to challenges related to hiring and […]

15 Shocking Statistics Every Manufacturing HR Leader Needs to Know

Your frontline leaders are at the center of every activity in your manufacturing operation. Many businesses, however, don’t provide these leaders with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Below are 15 shocking statistics that highlight the important role frontline leaders play in the success of  your business. Frontline Leaders are Critical to your […]

Common-Sense Strategies for Reducing Lead Times

Have you lost business or new opportunities due to the lead times of your products and services?  In today’s “I want it now” world, it’s critical for B2C and B2B manufacturers to develop strategies for reducing lead time to stay competitive, reduce costs and increase cash flow.   Studies have shown that being first is key […]

Transform Your Company Culture by Developing Fearless Frontline Leaders

Give your frontline leaders the training they deserve. The single most important factor in employee engagement and satisfaction is the influence of the immediate supervisor. Although this fact is true across almost every industry, company leaders still have a difficult time effectively training frontline leaders. With these leaders supervising 80% of a company’s workforce, their […]

HR Directors: Why Your L&D Program Is Falling Short

Most companies understand the importance of developing their people, and they’re willing to make major investments in training. Organizations in the U.S. spend more than $150 billion every year on learning and development—unfortunately, these dollars are often wasted on ineffective and incomplete programs.    So why are learning and development programs failing?     Good intentions; poor execution Organizations have good intentions and want to see their people succeed. People managers care […]

HR Directors: Are You Encouraging Your Frontline Leaders to Quit?

Frontline leaders support your workforce; are you supporting them? In a typical business, frontline managers make up 50-60% of the management team, and supervise 80% of the organization’s employees. Despite the prevalence of these leaders, many of them (especially first-time leaders) may not be receiving the support they need to stay in their jobs. Download […]

On-Time Delivery Is Critical

Why is on-time delivery so important? On-time delivery (OTD) is one of the primary distinguishing factors manufacturers use to differentiate their product offerings from competitors. It is the measurement that helps drive continuous improvement and helps you determine lead time requirements of your customers. OTD is also the main measurement that determines whether your supply […]

Think inventory costs aren’t important? Your competitors disagree.

Warehouse inventory

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and supply chain management professionals are doing everything they can to lower inventory costs in order to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re struggling to trim inventory spending, take advantage of these five strategies to reduce costs. 1. Smartly manage inventory levels The level of inventory you keep on hand directly […]

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