Internal Controls: an effective line of defense against fraud and business losses

Article by CSH’s Melissa Meeker How would you assess the strength of your existing internal controls system? Many people who work in an operational capacity for a healthcare practice would guess that their internal control system is strong. Others would acknowledge that their system needs improvement. And then there are those folks who genuinely have […]

SOC and the Cybersecurity Threat

Organizations are under increased pressure to demonstrate that they are managing cybersecurity threats, and that they have effective processes and controls in place to detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from breaches and other security events. With these threats in mind, the AICPA has developed a new System and Organization Controls (“SOC”) for Cybersecurity engagement. […]

Three Lines of Defense in Effective Risk Management

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to find internal auditors, enterprise risk management specialists, compliance officers, fraud investigators, and other risk and control professionals working together to help their organizations manage risk. Each of these specialties has a unique perspective and specific skillset that can be invaluable to the organization, but since risk […]

Four Keys to Managing Interest Rate Risk for Community Banks

After a prolonged period of near-zero-percent short-term interest rates following the financial crisis in 2008, the Federal Reserve is poised to continue raising interest rates as the U.S. economy continues to expand. The Fed has raised its benchmark rate four times since December 2015 (three of which have come since December 2016), and many expect […]

Cybersecurity and Healthcare: Protect Your Patients and Your Organization

By Melissa Meeker Data breaches maintain their reign in the headlines as cyberattacks continue to happen at a disturbingly high frequency. Consumer information has never been more vulnerable, and no industry is immune to the threat of an attack. In an environment where no organization is safe, healthcare providers are especially vulnerable. Fortunately, established regulatory […]

Internal Audit Best Practices for Community Banks

Internal Audit Best Practices for Community Banks Clark Schaefer Hackett developed this white paper to help you evaluate – and strengthen – your internal audit program. This guide covers risk management’s three lines of defense, regulatory expectations, key elements of an effective internal audit program and more.

Is your Company Prepared for a Cyberattack?

Cyberattacks on the Rise Cyberattacks are happening at an alarmingly high frequency. While these attacks are typically aimed at larger and internet-based companies, we are also seeing an increase in activity among privately held and family-owned businesses. Unfortunately, these smaller businesses are perceived to be easier targets for cyberattacks because resources devoted to prevention, detection […]

Understanding fair lending compliance

Have you reviewed your institution’s fair lending compliance program recently? If not, you probably should. Noncompliance with fair lending regulations (even if unintended) can bring a host of regulatory enforcement actions, penalties, civil liability and negative publicity. Developing and maintaining a sound fair lending compliance management program is your best line of defense. In this […]

Understanding Fair Lending Compliance

  NOTE: CPE is not available for webinars on-demand. If your financial institution is not in compliance with current fair lending regulations, you could be facing penalties, fines and a host of other problems. Have you checked on your program lately? In this informative webinar-on demand, we focus on helping you develop and maintain a […]