IT Risk Assessment Video – Clark Schaefer Consulting

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The ultimate IT risk assessment for only $1000. All we need is a connection to your network and some time to discuss the results. You’ll get an easy-to-read report that highlights potential problems, vulnerabilities and security gaps on everything from hardware to cybersecurity. The Analysis Our IT Risk Assessment is a valuable addition to your […]

IT Risk Assessment Explainer Video

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Is your IT system outdated or inadequate to handle today’s cyber risks? This short video explains our IT Risk Assessment service, which can help identify vulnerabilities and security gaps in your IT infrastructure. Our report will put any organization on a path to a more secure IT future. Maintaining a healthy IT system is mission […]

Disbursements: Internal Controls in a Remote Environment

As tasks and routines are increasingly being completed remotely due to the COVID-19 emergency, there are some individuals looking to take advantage of the situation. One of the more common fraud schemes to emerge over the past two years, and one that will no doubt increase during this pandemic, is attempted fraud on ACH debits […]

Covid-19: Business Assessment Checklist

From your workforce to your customers to your shareholders, you have a lot of considerations right now. CSH has put together a detailed checklist to help you evaluate your Workforce, Customer, Shareholder-Creditor and Community readiness to handle the current crisis and its aftermath. Download our checklist and start assessing your preparedness.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Cloud-based Data Backup

Data loss often happens when you least expect it. Human error, malicious actors and even natural disasters can wipe out – or hijack – your company’s data at any time. Recent studies show that a staggering 93% of organizations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within two years. Still, many […]

Emerging trends in third-party risk management

Please note: CPE is only available for live events. It is not available for webinars on-demand. During our last webinar on third-party risk management (A Look at Data Safety and Third-Party Technology Risk Management), we looked at risk management from a data security perspective, and we explored various assessment approaches, current challenges, and potential solutions […]

Cybersecurity for Retailers

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Retailers are prime targets for cyberattacks. Is your retail company doing all it can to protect its systems and customer data? The first line of defense against cyberthreats is knowing what kind of threats and vulnerabilities exist so that you can develop a plan to mitigate them. In this recorded webinar, Clark Schaefer Consulting’s Carly […]

Using insurance to manage your nonprofit’s risk

Insurance is the cornerstone of any not-for-profit’s comprehensive risk management plan. It can’t protect your organization from every contingency, but it’s critical to protecting the people, property, funds and support you depend on. Must-have policies Many kinds of insurance coverage are available, but it’s unlikely your organization needs all of them. One type you do […]

A Look at Data Safety and Third-Party Technology Risk Management

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Please note: CPE is not available for webinars on-demand. CPE is available only for live events. Presented by: Carly Devlin and Stephen Chasser As organizations are increasingly relying on third-parties for various business processes and services, it’s important, from an information security and regulatory perspective, to understand how the organization’s data is being handled by […]

Are you ready for a catastrophe?

Disaster planning is critical for all companies to help ensure that normal business activities can resume as soon as possible after a disaster strikes. However, dealerships face unique risks when it comes to preparing for catastrophes. Unlike most businesses, the bulk of your inventory is sitting outside, where it’s exposed to the elements. Natural disasters […]