Bonus Grants: A Creative Way to Retain and Reward Key Employees

Changes in the economy – as well as clashing generations in the workforce – have altered the employment landscape. Gone are the days of someone retiring after 40 years with the same company. Job hopping has become the norm, and in the war for talent, top performers are regularly being courted by the competition. Organizations […]

Get employees on board with your 2021 strategic plan

nonprofit strategy

The year 2020 will never be forgotten. Nearly every company in every industry was thrown into turmoil. Those same companies now are looking ahead, setting goals and formulating plans for success. The first few months of a new year brings new planning sessions for leadership, and new opportunities to change things that aren’t working. It’s […]

15 Questions to Ask Remote Employees

Woman sitting at computer in home office, on a video call.

Business leaders are struggling to understand from a distance whether their workforce is highly engaged. In 2020, many companies moved to a remote work environment for the first time, which brought new roadblocks to staying connected and keeping managers in the loop on their employees’ state of mind. How are your remote team members holding […]

Top 6 Employee Engagement Survey Mistakes

employee engagement

This was one of our most popular articles in 2018. Given our current circumstances and the worldwide shift to remote work caused by the pandemic, I thought it was time to revitalize this Top 5 list and add one more critical employee engagement survey mistake I missed back in 2018. Employee engagement is a hot […]

Manufacturing is merging with new technologies

Welder with helmet in manufacturing facility

Workforce Disruptions and Industry 4.0 Many academic and industry leaders believe society has entered the beginning stages of a fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. While there is some debate as to whether Industry 4.0 is in fact a new era or just marketing jargon that represents the evolution of the current third industrial revolution, […]

Focusing on What Is Essential: Do less to achieve more

regulatory accounting community banks

By CSH Senior Accountant, Kristen Foster Monday morning: the start of a new work week. The possibilities are endless as we try to achieve our best. The reality, however, is that many of us cannot control the volume of requests coming in. Our inboxes are flooded with unanswered messages, projects are looming that have not […]

5 Minutes to Growth Podcast:
Diving into Executive Search

Clark Schaefer Hackett · 5 Minutes to Growth: Executive Search In this podcast, we’re diving into the topic of executive recruiting. Our guest is Peter Olmsted, CSH’s Director of Executive Talent Solutions, who will be discussing how he helps our clients find the right talent for their executive and C-level positions. Podcast Show Notes: 1. […]

How are you going to find your nonprofit’s next executive?

Every nonprofit needs an executive search plan. Even if you aren’t facing an imminent vacancy, your organization is smart to prepare for what can be a long process. In fact, executive searches generally take several months — even if you end up hiring someone already known to your nonprofit. So make plans now. Focusing energy […]

Strategies to attract, retain and grow talented teams

In a tight labor market, companies compete to hire and retain top-tier talent. This becomes especially challenging for many not-for-profit organizations. Budget constraints and limited resources can make it hard to find and retain quality staff. When candidates have the power to be selective, what can an NFP organization do to differentiate itself as an […]

Keep Your Top Talent from Jumping Ship with Bonus Grants

New generations in the workforce and changes in the economy have altered the employment landscape. In an environment where job hopping has become the norm, bonus grant programs are a creative way to hire and keep the best employees. This webinar covers: How, when and why bonus grants work The difference between non-qualified and qualified […]

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