Hands-on training for your frontline leaders.

Our Fearless Frontline Leader Course provides hands-on training to enhance frontline leadership skills.

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Hear it. See it. Do it.

Effective leadership is a perpetual journey. Our course employs a unique, “hear it, see it, do it” approach to training that is adaptable to multiple learning styles. This empowered approach helps leaders absorb new concepts and become better prepared to achieve lasting behavior change. 

The program introduces nine fundamental leadership competencies that are essential to the success of frontline leaders.  

Are you ready to empower your frontline leaders to take charge of your organization’s valuable operations? Contact our consultant today.  

Learning Environments

Learning Lab

There is a limit to how much you can learn from sitting in a classroom. We have a unique facility reserved for group activities and simulations.

Live Manufacturing Facility

Our partnership with Upside Innovations brings hands-on learning to a whole new level with access to a live manufacturing and distribution operation.


We don't just lecture. Our classrooms lay the groundwork for skills that we practice through simulations and group activities.

On-Site at Your Facility

In-context training accelerates both understanding and impact. We deliver our workforce development programs at client sites across the globe.