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Sales Tax Rapid Refund Review

We help manufacturers maximize their sales & use tax exemptions and recover overpaid taxes.

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Schedule a Complimentary Sales Tax Refund Assessment

We review purchase invoices and accrual sheets to identify situations where sales tax was charged or accrued incorrectly. If we find you have overpaid, we can work with you to request a refund and develop a process to ensure you don’t overpay in the future.

Best of all, if there is no refund opportunity identified after our preliminary assessment, you owe us nothing.

Why CSH?

Our experts understand the complexities of sales tax compliance and work hard to help you recover overpaid taxes.

  • Top 100 CPA firm
  • Dedicated team ready to answer your questions
  • Custom solution to fit your unique business needs
  • Industry-based experience
  • Extension of your team