Strategic HR & Executive Talent Solutions

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When talent and strategy align, great things happen

At Clark Schaefer Hackett, we work with senior leaders to design talent strategies that support their business strategies. By aligning talent to business objectives, we help organizations get the best people focused on the right initiatives to further the organization’s strategy and accelerate business outcomes.

We help companies:

  • Assess their current HR performance and design talent solutions that drive better results
  • Execute their business strategy by identifying and closing gaps in executive leadership talent
  • Identify and retain top leadership talent through ongoing engagement and development

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Strategic HR & Executive Talent Solutions

HR Strategy

Having the right HR strategy is critical to the success of all organizations. It determines where and how you invest time and other resources to drive growth and strengthen the long-term health of your organization. When your HR strategy is aligned with your organization’s business strategy, you will dramatically improve the overall performance of your team. We will help you win and grow by having a fully engaged workforce and developing the leadership talent needed to support it.

Leadership Talent Assessment and Retention

Organizations invest a lot of time and money designing strategic plans but often miss a key element of strategy: a leadership talent assessment. Even if all the necessary talent resides in the organization, execution will fail if leadership is absent. We will help you determine if you have the leadership talent required to execute and deliver strategic results. We can also help you identify, develop and retain top leadership talent inside your organization.

Recruiting and Executive Search

We are passionate about helping great companies find equally great talent. We combine industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search process to find leaders who best fit your needs and can advance the growth and strategic direction of your company.

Recruiting Services

Third-party recruiting firms, by definition, are on the outside—they reach into businesses and develop relationships with talent. But at CSH, we are on the inside. As a top tier CPA and business advisory firm, we work with thousands of businesses across the U.S. Our clients benefit from our strong business know-how and broad networks. We work closely with clients to understand their culture and strategic goals and the specific leadership competencies needed to meet organizational goals. We evaluate candidates against both what your needs are and what success looks like across your industry.

Executive Search

The region’s most successful companies rely on CSH to fill senior executive roles. We act as a trusted advisor throughout the process and help find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

What you can expect from CSH:

  • We conduct thorough interviews with board members, senior management and others to determine your definition of an ideal candidate.
  • We understand that executive recruitment is a nuanced process. We present findings in person to ensure that we stay well attuned to how well we are meeting your needs. We carefully build our partnership with you because we understand that strong relationships are essential to a successful search.
  • We prepare detailed position specifications – responsibilities, competencies, compensation, first year goals, leadership style and fit – as the foundation for the search.
  • We leverage broad networks and sophisticated databases to identify potential candidates for further refinement.
  • We conduct in-depth interviews to assess candidates’ potential for success and serious interest in the position.
  • We thoroughly evaluate references including verifying credentials and checking public sources of information.
  • We present only the most qualified candidates.
  • We advise during on-site candidate interviews and assist in selecting finalists. Once you decide to extend an offer, we advise on compensation terms.
  • We stay in close contact with you and the new leader to ensure a smooth transition and successful long-term match.

Executive Onboarding and Integration

The way you onboard and integrate new leaders into your organization has a huge impact on their success. According to recent studies, the failure rate for new or transitioning executives is as high as 46%. Through careful planning and one-on-one coaching, we help new leaders develop solid stakeholder and team support, shorten the ramp-up time and avoid common pitfalls and barriers that often derail new leaders.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

For new leaders, the opportunity to have an objective, confidential sounding board and strategic advisor is invaluable. We offer individualized coaching programs that improve performance and leadership behaviors, expand the individual’s influence, prevent derailment and help work through organizational issues or change initiatives. Our programs include comprehensive assessments, thorough planning and follow-though designed to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.

1 in 6 employees quit their job due to ineffective onboarding
Organizational Chart

Career Progression Models

Do your employees know what they need to do to be successful in their roles? Providing defined expectations, a clear line of sight and the necessary steps to get from entry-level positions to the corner office is critical for employees as well as your organization. We can develop career progression models for all roles within your company, detailing the competencies, skills and behaviors employees need to master to thrive and advance their careers.

Performance Management

Performance management is the glue that binds every stage of the employee lifecycle. It provides feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes and helps employees channel their talents toward organizational goals. We work with clients to identify expectations and specific development objectives for every role. The result is a highly relevant and actionable set of criteria designed to organize formal and informal performance management.

Leadership Training

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and refined. Our leadership programs cover fundamental leadership competencies that are essential to the success of your leaders and your organization.

Succession Planning

We help clients prepare for long-term growth and success by evaluating position-specific needs against internal and external talent pipelines. Once the right talent is sourced, we help ensure the necessary systems are in place to onboard, manage performance and retain top talent. We develop targeted programs to help you prepare the leaders of tomorrow – our journey starts today.

Benefit Plan Administration & Consulting

The right retirement plan can help attract and retain key employees today, and provide security for you as you plan for tomorrow. With more than 40 years of experience serving retirement planning needs, we can help you stay compliant, manage risk and make smart decisions.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Not all auditors are created equal. When you need a plan audit, you want a team that understands benefit plan provisions, compliance requirements and complexities. Our advisors have deep expertise and experience with benefit plan audits, resulting in zero deficiencies.

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